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Cambridge Meeting March 15 – Academia de ingles Las Palmas

On Friday, March 15, English2day (Academia de inglés Las Palmas) was lucky enough to have the Cambridge representative for the entire Canarian Archipelago, Gerard Hally, give a highly informative meeting to both students and non-students of the academy! The intriguing point of his presentation was on the true reasons why Cambridge remains the most recognised English certificate in Europe and abroad.  Through including actual facts and figures taken from the most popular job hiring website in Spain, Infojobs, along with passing on key information from Cambridge´s actual assessment centre in English, those in attendance were treated to a variety of captivating topics. Here is a condensed top-5 list:

1) Your Cambridge certificate NEVER expires. Mr. Hally even used an example of a woman who received her official certificate back in 1987. She had lost the actual document, but the records office in Cambridge reissued another one for her without any problem!

2) According to the statistics at Infojobs, over 80% of the jobs require you to be certified with at least an intermediate level of English.

3) The new online Cambridge exams offer students the possibility of receiving their test scores within 2 to 3 weeks of doing the exam! This is due to the speed and convenience of transferring scores between Cambridge and the test centre. Definitely worthwhile for all you ¨Opposition¨ test takers!

4) It has been shown that even those children who choose to take the exams, Starters through A2 Key for Schools (7 years old and up), their confidence and drive to learn more English increases with age.

5) A vase amount of international companies across the globe recognize Cambridge as being the leader in English assessment. Therefore, when it comes to future job possibilities outside of Spain, getting certified through Cambridge is a must for the majority of countries looking to hire.

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