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Ice cream For Dogs

All dog owners know that feeding their pets regular ice cream can make them ill, because many dogs can’t digest anything that has cow’s milk in it. Moreover, dogs have a lot of problems eating foods which contain sugar, just like humans do, and eating large amounts of it can cause dogs to become nervous, excitable, and they find it difficult to concentrate. It can also lead to problems with their teeth and other serious illnesses.

Now, thanks to Mauricio Montoya, everything is different, and there is some good news for man’s best friend. Some lucky dogs in Mexico City are finally able to enjoy ice cream without their owners worrying about any problems with their health. They don’t have to feel guilty anymore as they enjoy their favourite flavours, and try to ignore those looks their dogs give them, reminding them they would also like a lick.

Mauricio says he wanted to make a dessert for dogs because there are already a lot of special things for dogs on the market, like dog biscuits and pieces of bacon, but no desserts. Montoya did his research and spoke to many veterinarians before creating a recipe that was both safe and delicious. He called it Heladogs, because helado means ice cream in Spanish, and he decided to mix the two words to get this very original name. Even the dogs like the name.

The doggy ice cream is made using organic, milk-free, and sugar-free yogurt, honey, and fruit flavours. To make it even easier to digest, Montoya added a special product called Lactobacilli, which helps both humans and animals digest difficult foods. While there is no verbal confirmation from the dogs about what they think, judging from the wagging tails and eager licks, the dogs appear to be loving their ice creams as much as humans do. The best part is that Heladogs is perfectly safe for people as well, allowing owners to share their dog’s ice cream for a change. The dogs may not be too happy about that, but sharing is caring.



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