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A – Pete’s Pizzas

Pete’s Pizzas has been in business for over twelve years, and all our pizzas are made by our own favourite Italian chef Carlo, from Naples. We have 35 different kinds of Pizza toppings and our special kid’s playground is why everyone comes here for fun. Why not come along and join in?

B – Luigi’s

We have the best Italian food in the area, with live music and dancing on Fridays and Saturdays. Come and enjoy a piece of Italian magic with candles and soft lighting. Our prices are very reasonable, and we also do in take-away food.

C – The Roast

Deliciously British, The Roast is dedicated to the romance of classical British cooking and uses the finest seasonal herbs and spices. Our dishes, wines, and cocktails are constantly evolving, and wherever you sit, you will enjoy magnificent views. All our meat comes from British suppliers, and we only use the best quality ingredients.

D – Coriander

We specialize in the best dishes from India, with all the favourites. Visit us to sample our chef’s famous dish, his Chicken Vindaloo Masala, but be careful, it may be too hot for you. Discounts are available for groups, and anniversary dinners are very welcome.

E – Hutong

The original Hutong is a very famous Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, and this branch of Hutong is no different when talking about the quality of the food. Our menu includes the same Sichuan and northern Chinese dishes. Dance videos playing on the walls give a very modern atmosphere.

F – Paloma

Nowhere else can match the breakfast experience we offer because we have the best croissants, cakes, coffee and natural juices in the area. If you haven’t been before, pop in for our special weekend treats and start your day right. If you come once, you’ll come all the time, because the food is just that good.

G – Don Denis

Get together with your friends and enjoy the informal atmosphere of our ‘serve yourself’ seafood buffet. We also offer table service, and we have the freshest seafood in the city. Eat all you like and stay late, for a very reasonable price. Groups welcome.

H – The Roasted Bean

We make coffee the way it should be made, and with the best beans from all over the world, it is not surprising that we are considered the place to go for true coffee lovers. Our beans have won awards for their unique taste. Come early, stay late.


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